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TimeLife Pixel - Family Memories
My Family
Mai 2017
Juin 2010
Aout 2008
Juin 2007

TimeLife Pixel - Memories - Souvenirs - Albums Photos

Simon’s first summer vacation!

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Memories - Friends - TimeLife Pixel

Trip with friends in Rio de Janeiro

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TimeLife Pixel - Family Memories

Simon discovers the world!

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TimeLife Pixel - Wedding - Mariage - Memories - Souvenirs

Our beautiful wedding!

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Connect your memories to create your family story
TimeLife Pixel - Arbre généalogique - Family tree

Our Plans

Our goal is to help you organize and keep your best memories!

A safe place for your family memories

Where your best memories are organized and connected
With all albums of your life, from birth till today
Where you connect your memories with your children & family

On Demand


Free account for one person
Limit of 30 Albums
Update on demand
Backup on demand




Account for 3 persons (Parents+1 kid)
Unlimited backup
Free Update forever
Add a person 1,90€/mo/user

Why saving photos?

Here are 3 good reasons to save your memories on TimeLife Pixel

TimeLife Pixel - Your TimeLife / Your Life

Your TimeLife / Your Life

Start your own TimeLife with photo albums, from birth until now, sorted by categories, times, places. All the images of your life in one place connected to your family.

TimeLife Pixel - TimeLife for your Children

TimeLife for your Children

Create now the TimeLife of your child so they can see all the adventures of their childhood. In the futur, they will own it and continue to build their TimeLife. Memory will never be lost again!

TimeLife Pixel - One Group / One TimeLife

One Group / One TimeLife

Create a TimeLife for specific groups and easily share albums with family and friends. Each member will can share their album and contribute the group’s TimeLife.